• SoXies are intended for shoes that do NOThave (orthopaedically) pre-shaped insoles(in case of doubt, remove the insoles or replace them with a flat insole)
  • R for the right foot and L for the left foot
  • Make sure that the gel cushion is correctly positioned(under the arch of the foot to the inside of the foot)
  • As long as the gel is still cold, it is less supple and feels hard.    (from body temperature it reaches its full effect)
  • We recommendthat the feet „get used to the gel insoles by the hour“
  • Washing temperatures above 60°C/140°F can lead to damage
  • The SoXies are suitable for dryers

Thermoplastic Rubber, also known as „thermoplastic rubber“ or thermoplastic elastomers(sometimes referred to as elastoplastics; abbreviation TPE) are plastics that behave similarly at room temperature to the classic elastomers, but can be plastically deformed with the help of heat and thus exhibit thermoplastic behaviour.

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  • A foot vault support is incorporatedin the sock
  • The vault is less fatiguing and does not cause pain so quickly Simplehandling
  • Machine Washable at 60°C/140°F
  • Antibacterial
  • Suitable for tumble dryer
  • Pleasant support in shoes, sandals, boots, slippersor just barefoot in SoXies at home
  • Better distribution of force over the entire foot and reliefof overloaded pressure points
  • By walking, a kind of „pump massage“ has the effect that the foot is better supplied with blood.
  • The load on the heel and ball of the toe is reduced.
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